At Army of Trolls we are constantly beavering away on new game ideas all the time. Some of these will be available for download from these very pages!

If you wish to commision videogame sprites or talk to us about creating a videogame for your company the simply e-mail Army of Trolls at:
::: Push-Push Penguin - Classic Arcade Game :::

Push-Push Penguin is heavily influenced by Sega's classic arcade game Pengo with elements from some of our favourite games (Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands) thrown in for good measure. You control the heroic Pen-Pen thru many exciting levels packed with ice block smashing antics.

Battle thru 50+ Levels
Rack up combo scores
Fight evil bosses
Hunt down the legendary Star Sprites
Collect the B-O-N-U-S letters for crazy sub games.

Push-Push Penguin is now completed, us lucky fella's at Army of Trolls have been playing it for weeks and it's as madly addictive as it sounds.